Saturday, April 19, 2008

Missed opportunity

I was in LA for spring break and we went to the ally to buy all the fun things that you can get for "$5" I came across this Chanel necklace that was beautiful but didnt want to pay the $50 for it and moved on. I now kick myself almost daily for not buying it. These pics are to remind me that if I like something to buy it and to not look at the price.....

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tag Im It!!!

7 interesting thing you may not know about me.

1-I never thought that I would ever become a teacher I used to feel sorry for people going into education as a career. Now that I find myself in this place I have learned why people go into education and why it is so important. I also love the kids and they make me laugh everyday.

2-I am sick of the dating scene, this whole lets hang out instead of taking you to dinner and a movie so I can save a few bucks is getting really annoying. I think I get taken out on more dates by my good guy friends then I do with guy that are interested in me. I mean I can be a cheap date the last fun date I went on we went to sonic got food had a picnic, and went to golf land it was tones of fun and not a lot of money.

3-The future scares me; to try and think ten years down the line to where I will be makes me not want to think about it. I wish I could have a 1-minute glance into the future so that I can prepare myself for what is to come.

4-I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to eat sweets I crave them all the time I have to have something sweet everyday or I will end up in the middle of the night searching the house for something sweet to eat. Like today I had a very salty lunch but nothing sweet afterwards, the whole rest of the day with the kids that all I could think about at the end of the day I raided the candy jar in the front office to get something sweet. People know that if they ask me I will have something sweet to eat on me, so just ask and I will share my addiction with you.

5-I cannot stand humming, this is a new thing for me but I have a few kids that hum all the time and I just go crazy on them because it is all I can hear and I can’t concentrate on what I am doing, especially when I am teaching a lesson or it is personal reading time…

6-I really enjoy traveling, the best part for me is going on a study abroad away form family and friends and living in a new country to really be me. I feel like I have to be this mold at home or with my friends, but when you are away form all of that you can really be the person that you are because there is no one there to say different. In the end you come home changed and a new person because you are more comfortable with yourself and who you really are.

7-I hate being so skinny (I know you are all hating me right now) but it is true. I can never find cloths that fit, and the few times they do I have to pay $200 for a pair of jeans and living on a teachers income it is almost imposable to do. I can’t keep weight on no matter how hard I try I stay the same. So be glad for a little extra poundage because when you are shopping in the teenybopper section at the store and everything is too short or too young looking you will start to appreciate that weight.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So my students are taking AIMS this week in the morning until lunch and for some reason the distric that I am working for said that I can't be in the room while they are testing for fear that I will give the students the answers. I think that it is really interesting that I can teach the kids in my class and they trust me to do that but they do not trust me to administer a test to the kids. So all week long I get to hang out and sleep in and only teach 2 hours a day, I think they just gave me a vacation....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ms. Heap

"Ms. Heap"
"Hold on one second"
"Ms. Heap"
Can you please wait while I help this student
"Ms. Heap!!!!!"
Ms. Heap!!!!!!!!!!!
"What do you want??????"
I forgot.

This is a daily thing for me, all day long I hear the kids whinning my name, or asking questions when I am helping another student. I love everyone of my kids but someday I wish that my name was not Ms. Heap and I could walk out the door. And they will stop the whinning.....