Saturday, December 20, 2008

4 months in review

When I started my job as a 6th grade teacher, there was a ton of excitement and a little bit of fear as well. I can't say that I have just had the most amazing 4 months and everything has been amazing. With taking on all the writing for the whole 6th grade and teaching over 90 kids I can say that I have never spent so much time grading. I have had some real tough times with these kids. A lot are involved in gangs as well as some really bad behaviors. I have been threatened to be beat up, told that everyone hates me, as well as angry parents who seem to only listen to the child and not me as the teacher. The weeks just seemed to drag on. Having a team leader that is just impossible to work with no matter how hard I try. When I talking with others about my experiences they keep telling me I have had 10 years of experience in 4 months. Ha ha...
But even though I have been having such a hard time I have those moments of greatness. I have kids that just make my day so much better, with a kind word or a little note on my desk telling me I am the favorite teacher. I know that some kids just will not like me, because I make them work and they can't slack in my class. But I realize even with all the hard times and sleepless nights that I really love my job. No matter how many times I get frustrated I just need to remember that I am doing some good with these kids. With a big change over this last week we are now going to self contained classes and I do not needed to teach all the kids. I am thinking that with this change I can really become a better teacher and really work on my skills for the future.
But all in all I have to say that even though the past 2 weeks have been the most challenging I have had some amazing experiences and will miss some of the kids that I have from the other classes.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas tree

Here it is mom the christmas tree.

Space Station

One of the fun things that the 6th graders get to do this year is to have the space station come and they get a full day in space. They have a shuttle, a station and a mission control. I split the kids up into groups and they had to complete tasks and different problems that might come up. It was such a great day and my kids beat all the other classes in points.