Thursday, January 13, 2011

My students make me laugh!

After lunch I like to read aloud to my students, one to calm them down and two I think it is very important for the kids to hear you read to them. I try to pick books that have good morals or has a main character that has some type of "problem".
I have been reading When you Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, It is about a girl that is receiving anonymous letters that seem to be coming from the future. It has some good twists and turns and I really enjoy reading it. The conversation that took place after I finished reading went like this.

Teacher: Okay who can tell me what important things we learned about the book?

Student 1: That Miranda's friend has some problem that makes her body shake all crazy like.

Teacher: Do you mean Epilepsy?

Student 1: Oh yeah that thingy.

Teacher: Okay what else?

Student 2: (In a I am so board I am going to fall asleep voice)We learned about a thing, with a note, bread in a bag, weird 6th grade love triangle, time travel, and some girl that thinks you can time travel on diamonds.

Teacher: (Laughing) Thank you D that was the best summary that I have heard all day!

Student 2: I know I am awesomely amazing!

This year I have some really funny students that keep me on my toes and keep me laughing!

Other great books I have read this year to my students!
Al Capone Does My Shirts. By gennifer choldenko (Who doesn't love a book about gangsters)
The graveyard book. By neil gaiman (boys love this book, and great around halloween)
Freak The Mighty. By rodman philbrick (Fantastic no other way to describe it)
Bud Not Buddy. By christopher paul curtis (A great book if you need a laugh)
Star Girl By. Jerry Spinelli (being different is a good thing)