Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's been awhile

It seems like forever since I have posted so here is a quick update of my life. I LOVE my job! It has been a big change but such a great one. My co-workers are fantastic and my principal is wonderful and so supportive. This has made my second year of teaching so much fun. I have learned so much from the teachers that I teach with. My students are wonderful a few that are a little bit of a challenge but wonderful none the less. My parents are also wonderful they support me and help out a ton. I am so happy I decided to teach again this year. 
My Personal life has been great a little one the relaxing side but that is great. I have some great friend that are there for  me when needed and we always come up with something fun to do. They look out for me when I think I don't need it. 
Health has been interesting I have been struggling to get things on track but forces seem to be against me. But hopefully with new meds things can start looking up.