Saturday, December 20, 2008

4 months in review

When I started my job as a 6th grade teacher, there was a ton of excitement and a little bit of fear as well. I can't say that I have just had the most amazing 4 months and everything has been amazing. With taking on all the writing for the whole 6th grade and teaching over 90 kids I can say that I have never spent so much time grading. I have had some real tough times with these kids. A lot are involved in gangs as well as some really bad behaviors. I have been threatened to be beat up, told that everyone hates me, as well as angry parents who seem to only listen to the child and not me as the teacher. The weeks just seemed to drag on. Having a team leader that is just impossible to work with no matter how hard I try. When I talking with others about my experiences they keep telling me I have had 10 years of experience in 4 months. Ha ha...
But even though I have been having such a hard time I have those moments of greatness. I have kids that just make my day so much better, with a kind word or a little note on my desk telling me I am the favorite teacher. I know that some kids just will not like me, because I make them work and they can't slack in my class. But I realize even with all the hard times and sleepless nights that I really love my job. No matter how many times I get frustrated I just need to remember that I am doing some good with these kids. With a big change over this last week we are now going to self contained classes and I do not needed to teach all the kids. I am thinking that with this change I can really become a better teacher and really work on my skills for the future.
But all in all I have to say that even though the past 2 weeks have been the most challenging I have had some amazing experiences and will miss some of the kids that I have from the other classes.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas tree

Here it is mom the christmas tree.

Space Station

One of the fun things that the 6th graders get to do this year is to have the space station come and they get a full day in space. They have a shuttle, a station and a mission control. I split the kids up into groups and they had to complete tasks and different problems that might come up. It was such a great day and my kids beat all the other classes in points.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CrAzY 8

8 Favorite shows:
1. Ugly Betty
2. House
3. Desperate House Wives
4. Project Runway
5. Top Chief
6. That 70's show
7. Food network
8. Friends

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Oregano's
2. Haji Babas
3. Cheesecake Factory
4. Crackers
5. Fudruckers
6. Olive Garden
8. Joe's Crab Shack

8 Books I Recommend:
1. These is my words
2. Tale of Despereaux
3. The Giver
4. Twilight Series
5. Harry Potter
6. Narnia Series
7. Witch of blackbird pond
8. Hatchet

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. Slept
2. Went to Susan's with my sis-in-law
3. got help putting up christmas tree
4. Read a whole 600 page book
5. worked on my lessons for the week
6. graded some papers
7. got a drink at sonic
8. watched a movies and relaxed

8 Things to look forward to:
1. Christmas break
2. Christmas
3. the weekend
4. seeing a lot of movies that are coming out
5. Space program with my students
6. Seeing old friends in town
7. reading books that I finally have time to read
8. Having some craft time

8 Things on my wish list:
1. Clothes
2. buying some things to make my scrapbook cute
3. tools (I know kinda weird but I kinda want them)
4. Movies DVD's
5. Books for my classroom
6. Finding a great pair of jeans that don't cost $100+
7. Random things for my room
8. A quad (I don't really need it but I do want one)

8 Things I love about fall:
1. Fall clothes
2. Crisp air
3. hot chocolate
4. The leaves
5. Sunny days but no snow
6. Fireplaces
7. Thanksgiving
8. Bonfires

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bull Dog Canyon

Last night a bunch of friends and myself went to bullhead canyon for quading, repelling, and a bon fire. It was a great time and I am thinking that we need to have more nights like the one last night. The one downside was that it was so cold out there!!!!!!!

Egyptian gods and goddesses

One of the things that we cover in History in 6th grade is Egypt, and because it is Halloween as a 6th grade project all the kids had to create a god or goddess using a pumpkin. Some of the kids work turned out great. On Halloween we had all the kids set up their pumpkins outside and the other kids could come look at them and learn more about the different gods and goddesses of Egypt. Tomorrow is going to be really fun because we are mummifying a chicken in class.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunsets in Arizona are the best

As I stepped outside I just looked up and saw a very beautiful blue and pink sky. So I decided to take some quick pics, it may get 115 degrees but the sunsets are the best.

Getting crafty

I try every so often to do something crafty even though I am not the most imaginative person. So I did a class at my house and we created a book dedicated to Wicked the Musical. We took images from a book bought at the musical and created a book that is super cute and could also be used for Halloween. I was really proud of myself and the outcome of the book. I hope to put pictures from when my sister-in-laws, my mom and me all went to cali for a girls trip to see the musical and have a fun time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have decided it is time to move in the last 2 days I have killed 4 scorpions in my house and tonight I killed one in my bed. As I went to bed and was about to turn my light out I see one heading right at me. I was lucky enough to kill it before it could get me but I have decided I need to take action. Making a 12:30am call to the pest control guys I hope they come and help me out because I just might have to move if this is not taken under control and soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today at school I was finishing up my lesson with my kids right before lunch, I went to pull the chair out to sit and lost my balance and fell back into the white board. My kids where really worried and came up to help I asked them to all have a seat because I was okay. The next thing I know one of my kids says to me "Ms. Heap you are bleeding" I look down and there is blood dripping on from my head. I calmly ask one student to call the front office and when he couldn't get ahold of anyone I sent another to go get help. The next thing I know my kids are being ushered out while half the staff has come in to help.
I was sent to the nurse and Sarah my sister-in-law came and took me so that Greg could stitch me up at my dad's old office. After changing and cleaning up I went back to see my kids they where so worried and concerned bet they really pulled through for me and even had some get well cards for me. It was a great way to make a name for myself at my new school.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Camping with the family

Ok so the Heap reunion was over a month ago and I am now putting up the pictures. We all had a great time seeing family and friends and just hanging out getting all dirty especially my nephews. We all had a great time the only sad thing was that my parents where not there to have a great time with us. We never realized how much my mom and dad do for us when we go camping, they are the glue that holds our family together.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday father dear!

This weekend was my dad's 57th Birthday, I can't believe that he is that old.. With my parents gone it really makes you reflect on life and how much you depend on your family and parents for the little things. I miss my parents so much but I know that they are doing the lords work and will be rewarded for there service someday. Happy Birthday Dad I hope it was a great one. Here are some things that make my dad wonderful.

1. He is always dragging us to some weird concert where I end up being the youngest one in the room by 25 years, but in the end I love it.

2. He gives so much of himself not just for the mission but for other things as well. I remember once we where in Cali eating at Joe's crab shack and two Marines sat at the table next to us to eat. When we left dad pulled about $60 out of his wallet and gave it to them and said "thank you for your service" and walked out. I was so impressed by this small act of kindness and appreciation for these men who risk everything to keep our country free.

3. HIs endless banjo playing trying to make it perfect (which I miss these days now that the house empty)

4. The trip with Marty which seemed to never end, the phrase "I want to be a cowboy" will never have the same meaning to me ever again. Now looking back it was a great trip.

5. How much he does for me as a daughter I never felt left out or over looked because I was a girl he always made the effort to spend time with me and do those things that fathers should do with their daughters.

What can I say I love my dad he is the most amazing man that I could ever know and will forever be blest to have him in my life...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

First week of teaching.

I had my very first week of teaching and it was amazing... I have some great kids in my class and we have a lot of fun. I have even been given a nickname by the kids.. I am now know as the "Hot Teacher" Haha I was walking behind some student who where with there friends and they where commenting on how they got the hot teacher.... I have to say it made me laugh. But all in all it has been a great week...

Monday, July 28, 2008


5 things on my to do list:

1: Start setting up my classroom for my kids
2: Write a few lesson plans before the kids come back to school
3: Get ready to go camping
4: Try to straiten out my life
5: Get organized

5 jobs I have had:

1: Photo studio
2: Doctor's office
3: Child care

5 places I have lived:

1: Arizona
2: Spain
3: Ireland

5 favorite snacks:

1: wheat thins (I am addicted)
2: carrots and dill dip (I know weird)
3: Granola bars
4: Vanilla wafers
5: Cheese and crackers

5 favorite desserts:

1: Anything Chocolate
2: raspberry cheesecake
3: chocolate chip cookies
4: apple pie
5: carrot cake

5 things you don't know about me:

1: I hate shopping (I know I am a girl and I should love it but if I can avoid it I do)
2: I wish people would look beyond what they see because I do
3: I can pick things up with my toes
4: I am a control freak but only about things that don't mean anything to others (like the order of my dvds I know when they
have been moved and used without someone asking because they never put them back in the order that I place them)
5: I can't gain weight it's weird I know but I just don't

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1: I would start a non-profit organization
2: I would give all my friends money so they could pay for school and not have to worry about anything and just work on
3: Travel the world first class all the way
4: Make sure my family has everything they need from houses, cars as well as fun family trips
5: Charity work and lots of it.

5 things I love:

1: My Family (they are the best)
2: being around kids
3: traveling
4: My friends that care so much about me
5: making a difference in someone's life

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I finally got a job!

After many interviews and a lot of offers for first and kindergarden I thought I would never get a job in the ages that I wanted. Then today I got the call from a school that is around the corner from my house and is a great school. I am going to be teaching 6th grade I teach all the 6th graders writing and the other teachers teach math and english this is such a great opportunity for me

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's raining........

I cant believe it the rain has come and it is blowing and storming like crazy I have just been sitting in the back watching the storm just role in. I love these days when they just show up and you don't expect it...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

For my Aunt

Since I was in spain and my aunt loves bikes I took a picture for her so now she has a bike from spain that she can add to her list. Another cool thing they had where these bike racks where you pay $25 a year and you can take the bikes for 30 mins and ride to the next location after 30 mins you only pay $1 for every 30 mins after. It was really cool to see them every where in all the cites.

Now What?

Now that I am home from my trip I don't know what to do with myself I do not have a job as of yet so I can't plan for anything, and I can not get a job because hopefully I will be teaching in a month. So now what do I do with my free time??? I keep calling schools and I keep interviewing but I am only get offers for grades that I don't want to teach. I think I need to take some trips to utah and to cali to fill my time.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

coming home

After 2 weeks in spain I am on my way home tomorrow. I had a great time and i am sad to leave but I am ready to come home. I wil put some pics up when I get home and some more details of my trip...

Friday, June 13, 2008


I am heading off to Spain tomorrow morning.. I am so excited to be going back and seeing all the sites and all the great food there is to eat there. I will update you with pics when I get home but here are some pics from the last trip that I took.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Finding a job

I finished my student teaching and graduated top of my class and yet I can not find a job to save my life. I spent all day on tuesday calling every school in Gilbert and Chandler and they all have the same answer "Sorry but we are not hiring right now" I was really getting discouraged considering everyone around me had a job and I did not. So I decided to reach out of my area and go into Apache Junction and send in an application. One day later I received a call from a school looking to interview me. One hour later I receive another call for another interview for a charter school. Come to find out the lady from NAU who decided if I could make a good teacher who to be honest I thought hated me after every observation I would go and cry in the pod at school, she had given them my name and said that I would be great at the school and I was her favorite students she had this year!! She likes me she really likes me!!!!!! So now in a matter of 3 day I have two interviews and hopefully a new job.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pics from Graduation

What I think is funny is I had more people come to my graduation in flagstaff because my parents where gone. But if my parents had been here it would have been only my parents and I at flag. I love my family and thank everyone for coming up and showing me support and love. Thank you all!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008


This is my first post about graduation more pictures to come after I get copies from everyone. So I finally graduated on Friday the 9th of May. My brothers and sis-in-laws all drove up together to flagstaff for the big event and that was a fun drive. Also both sets of grandparents came for the occation as well as my aunt and uncle Janet and Carlo. I really appereciate all the love a support they showed me by making the trip up to see me graduate. It was only 2 hours long. The only sad part of the day was thinking about my parent missing the fun and not being able to see me finish school, since they put me through it and really helped me when I needed it. Thank you MOM and DAD for the love and support from Africa. LOVE YOU!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Done with Student teaching

I finally finished my student teaching this firday. I was so excicted to be done but I was so sad at the smae time because I am going to miss my kids so much. On friday my kids planned a surprise party and it was so cute. The kids and parents donated money and made a huge basket of teaching goodies for me. Also my kids each wrote me a letter and a picture telling me how much they have enjoyed having me as a student teacher. I have loved every moment with my kids and an amazing teacher SHelly Brown that let me take over her class and teach.