Sunday, January 24, 2010

Turning 27!!!!!

Yesterday was my Birthday and it was Great!
On Friday my 6th grade team decorated the workroom with goodies from Paradise Bakery, then they treated me to Lunch at Flancers they are an amazing group of people.
I started my birthday with my dad making me breakfast to start my morning off. Next my mother came home with Purple roses that where so Beautiful!!! She also bought me some of my favorite foods like, Dark Chocolate, Peanut M&M's, and Puffy Cheetos. Kinda random but I love them all. My parents are amazing!
Later that day cousin Sarah came over and did my hair for me so that I looked all fresh and cute. Next my friend Bree-N and I went to BeniHanas which is a Japanese Place that I have been wanting to go try for a while. It was amazing!!!!! (fyi if you sign up for there chefs table you get $30 off your meal the month of your birthday) Our Chef Allen was Great he was funny and made the night so much fun. After that we met up with a few friends at a party that my friend Ben was throwing. It was fun to dance the night way with some friends and random people.
My birthday is going to last for the next week when I meet up with other friends to celebrate for another week.
Thank you to my Family and Friends for making my day so special!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New thing for the week

With my new goal, trying to do something new or fun each week, I came across this restaurant Called Ah-So. I have seen this place many times because it is right next to an Applebees that my friends and I go to. I have heard that it is good but just never went. So I made the decision to go with two friends of mine. The restaurant is Japanese and they cook on a grill in front of you (kinda like Benihanas). It was amazing, our cook was fantastic, and the food was great. We had such a great time and plan to go back soon. I hope to keep my goal in mind each week and find something new or fun to do each week.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Great start to 2010!!

I have decided that 2010 is going to be all about new and exciting things. As well as making my life more meaningful and fun. On New Years Eve I saw a friend (Spencer) at a party
(I met him 4 years ago at a new years party) it was great to meet up at another party 4 years later. On Saturday he invited me out with his bro and others to eat. My friend Bree-N and I met up with a few other friends and went to Joe's BBQ to eat AmAzInG food....
Next we went to Jester'z an improve place where Ron's roommate works, it was so FuNnY I don' t think I have ever had that much fun at Jester'z. We also saw Scott Macintyre from American Idol.
After Jester'z we went to a Piano Bar on Mill Ave where they have 2 piano players that will play anything you request. It was so much fun, such a random night but AmAzInG. Spencer was so much fun, his brother Ron and his girlfriend Candice where a BlAsT. A great start to 2010 and hopefully many more nights like this one..