Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunsets in Arizona are the best

As I stepped outside I just looked up and saw a very beautiful blue and pink sky. So I decided to take some quick pics, it may get 115 degrees but the sunsets are the best.

Getting crafty

I try every so often to do something crafty even though I am not the most imaginative person. So I did a class at my house and we created a book dedicated to Wicked the Musical. We took images from a book bought at the musical and created a book that is super cute and could also be used for Halloween. I was really proud of myself and the outcome of the book. I hope to put pictures from when my sister-in-laws, my mom and me all went to cali for a girls trip to see the musical and have a fun time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have decided it is time to move in the last 2 days I have killed 4 scorpions in my house and tonight I killed one in my bed. As I went to bed and was about to turn my light out I see one heading right at me. I was lucky enough to kill it before it could get me but I have decided I need to take action. Making a 12:30am call to the pest control guys I hope they come and help me out because I just might have to move if this is not taken under control and soon.