Sunday, March 13, 2011

Much has happened!

The past few months have been super busy with work and life. Here are some of the things that have been going on.

Grandma Elli at Christmas Eve dinner. Isn't my grandmother a beautiful lady!

I got really sick on my birthday so a week later we made other plans. So we had a Birthday Dinner with some of my friends Bree-N, Stephanie, and Joe, we went to BJ's to eat dinner which was oh so yummy and I even got a free dessert with out being sung to. After that we went to Jester'Z comedy club it was such a funny show and a great night!

Roses for my Birthday from my co-workers. They decorated the workroom with all kinds of goodies and these beautiful flowers.
My dad also took me out to dinner for my birthday, we went to Flemings. This has been a tradition since I was 4 I get to pick a place to eat and it's just the two of us! Flemings is amazing in every way and such a wonderful tradition that I look forward to every year.

The Heart Center with my 5th graders. This place is amazing it teaches the kids all about the heart, how to eat right, how to exercise, and how the heart works. It is all hands on and they have great people running the center. The students had a great time at the center and it was a great day to sit back and watch my students learn and have fun at the same time. Also the great parent helpers that take over for the day!


Pedaling said...

oh, happy birthday. i don't get on facebook often, so i guess i missed it. but a big fat happy birthday to you. glad you are feeling better.

dads taking their daughters out to dinner is the sweetest. you will never tire of that tradition!

Krista said...

cute hair! and you have the best social life!

Heather said...

Thanks to both of you!
My birthday was in January but I am just now getting the pictures up... I am kinda busy or was not in the mood to upload.
Thanks Krista is was a big chop this time but I am liking it more and more each day.

SteveBrad said...

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